FOM IN 2018


    The eighth edition of FRAME OF MIND, a unique film festival on mental health will be held in Chennai in October 2018. The theme for this year’s competition is Youth Mental Health. Films upto 5 minutes duration in any format like drama, documentary, docudrama, animation, etc in English or any other language with English subtitles are welcome.

    Youth is the most happening period of  every individual’s life when a person is in the best of energy, vigour, freshness and spirit. It is the period when every individual  strives to chase their dreams  and reach goals.  This action packed period is naturally filled with high running emotions and  mood swings which influence behavior, relationships and fulfillment of desires. It is needless to say, mental health is intrinsic to a productive and fruitful life.

    Young people form a precious resource in India. Nearly 10-30 percent of this group are affected by behaviours and conditions that impact health according to recent research. Factors  like gender, social discrimination, education, employment, substance dependence, healthcare, interpersonal relationships, social media, financial difficulties are a few of them and the list goes on. The individual’s ability to  cope with the challenges he meets  depends on his mental health.  The loss of several young lives to suicide is  testimony to this.

    Sadly the young people of our country are not well informed about importance of mental health and its ramifications. Better awareness about mental health issues and its impact on one’s life will improve help-seeking patterns, early intervention and promote better outcomes.

    We look forward to seeing different perspectives of youth mental health in the films you submit.

    The previous editions of the festival have seen  some very nice and promising short films from young and inspired persons, most of them students and future film makers. So we expect good participation from all over the country  this year too. 

    The films can focus on any issue related to mental wellbeing of youth,( including mental illnesses) and should be realistic and positive in portrayal

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