About FOM

  • Frame of Mind

  • An unique film festival

    on Mental Health organised by SCARF

    Frame of Mind is a unique film festival on Mental Health organised by SCARF. The portrayal and interpretation of mental disorders in films vary according to the different cinematic traditions across the globe. The two main objectives of the festival are to improve awareness about Mental Health and beat the stigma attached to mental disorders and to stimulate & promote interest on Mental Health issues among filmmakers.

  • History (2006 – 2016)

    Students and Future Filmmakers

    The previous editions (2006 – 2016) of the festival have seen some very nice and promising short films from young and inspired persons most of them students and future filmmakers and has always been a great success. All the editions received great response from students, mental health professionals, the general public and the media



    SCARF is the acronym for the SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION (INDIA), a voluntary, non-profit organization located at Chennai. Established in 1984, the main activities of SCARF are care & rehabilitation of the mentally ill and disabled, research, training and improving awareness about mental illness. SCARF is recognized by the WHO as a Collaborating Center for Mental Health Research and Training and is the only WHO collaborating centre in India for mental health. www.scarfindia.org