FOM in 2006

  • Mental illnesses and the mentally ill have been depicted in films from all over the world time and again. The portrayal and interpretation of insanity in films vary according to the different cinematic traditions across the globe. While some of them do enhance our understanding of the ailment and the distress it causes, there are many which reinforce our prejudices and myths thereby enhancing the stigma attached to mental illnesses.

  • In an attempt to erase the stigma attached to Mental Illness SCARF organized a 3 day film festival “FRAME of MIND” where one got a chance to view some of the most sensitive films made all over the world, on this issue. The festival was on from 6th to 8th October 2006 and was open to all, with admission being free.

  • While the film viewers got to watch some of the best films on mental health issues, there was also a competitive section for short films. The idea of the competitive section was to counter negative inaccurate and clichéd images of people with mental illness and encourage clean accurate realistic and optimistic portrayal.

  • SCARF received 55 entries from all over the world, these included films made by professional filmmakers, students, healthcare professionals and others. The entries were of 3 to 5 minutes duration of varying styles – drama, fiction, documentary and docu-drama and employed technique including animation to narrate the story. The films were in English or subtitiled in English.

  • The event was sponsored by THE HINDU and AirTel .